Welcome to the PURPOSE, JOY AND POSITIVES blog!  Life with PURPOSE and JOY can lead us to more POSITIVE thinking and actions.  We can create the change we want in our lives; more JOY in life is always welcome, no matter what our age or status in life. Sharing uplifting thoughts, quotes, and experiences is the PURPOSE of these writings. Let’s begin the journey!

In 2017, the journey of PURPOSE, JOY AND POSITIVES had over 1300 views and 850 visitors. I am truly excited to share with you that 2018 stats were 3,396 views, 2,516 visitors and 563 followers of  PURPOSE, JOY AND POSITIVES. This is extremely  encouraging for me that there is an audience for this type of written sharing. Thank you, thank you faithful readers! Thank you for your interest, your comments and your sharing of the blog. So, as we continue on our journey, know that I am appreciative of each of you in the audience. So, hello 2019….Let’s go!!!

Coming to the end of 2019 and deep reflection of the past few days, I am creating an addendum to the reason for PURPOSE, JOY AND POSITIVES.  It began as a tribute to honor someone important in my life that not only appeared, but stayed and in sharing his wisdom and knowledge allowed me to grow and bloom. Some of those ways still appear to me regularly. So, I continue to pay tribute to PJP with writings, many of them stemming from my growth. Thank you yesterday, today, tomorrow and always!


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From time to time, there will be links to other pages or websites that I have found to be helpful on the journey with PURPOSE, JOY and POSITIVES.

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