It is a gray, rainy/slushy Wednesday over here in Wisconsin, so I have to find other things to think about that bring me JOY this day.  I started  reminiscing about my day yesterday. On Tuesdays, I volunteer as a speech, language literacy tutor at the Catholic grade school where my grandchildren,  4K through 2nd grade, attend. Since I am a semi-retired Speech Language Pathologist, Special Educator, and Literacy Specialist, this is well within my scope of expertise. I truly love my Tuesdays! It brings me JOY to know that I am assisting students with areas that they are in need of development or change. It is my way of giving back a simple six hours on that day, which at this point in my life, certainly feels like good PURPOSE. Of course, the additional bonus is that I see all four of my grandchildren in action!

I found this quote: “Real JOY comes not from ease or riches or from the praise of men, but from doing something worthwhile.” (Wilfred T. Grenfell). I think my Tuesdays are  REAL JOY and it feels worthwhile.

Do you have something in your life  you do that is in the category of REAL JOY? If not, how can you find that something?

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