A beautiful bouquet of roses specifically chosen for  a special occasion! The tiny original vivid red buds opened into lovely, well – defined petals, one upon the other.  Each rose needs water, lots of water if freshly cut, to sustain the form and to keep them alive. Once the roses have fully opened, they have about seven days to bring  JOY to the receiver. Then they will fade away.

Our memories in many ways are like this bouquet. Some memories remain little buds and never really take form: perhaps the triggering events for those memories happened too long ago. Other memories are defining memories, sweet or painful,  which were the product of a significant event/s  in our life;  other thoughts impinge on those memories, one at time, layer by layer, until a ‘story in our head’ quietly unfolds. The story is so vivid in our mind, as vivid as the bright red color of the roses. To sustain the story, we have to keep the memory alive, nourished by our thoughts and creations of our mind. Perhaps the memories are a way to move forward from where we are; perhaps certain memories no longer serve a good PURPOSE for our well – being. And so, we chose to let go  of them.

The reality is that we have many memories floating around in our heads linked to notable events in our lives. The more significant the event, the more poignant and numerous are the memories. We are not able to sustain them all, so we must pick and choose what we wish to remember, making peace with the memories. I believe that it is better to have those chosen memories, than not to have them. Without the memories, what would we have missed in life?

“Time and memory are true artists: they remould reality nearer to the heart’s desire”. (John Dewey)

Which memories no longer serve good PURPOSE? Which memories will you choose to keep and nurture that bring you JOY?




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