I begin my day with prayer, meditation, and voicing gratitude. This routine helps me get focused and move forward with POSITIVES. When I skip this step of my day or it gets put on the back burner until later in the afternoon, I feel unsettled. The day is just off. By the same token, I end my day by going over in my mind what I accomplished, my plan for tomorrow, and expressing what I am most grateful for that day. Sometimes it is not a list of accomplishments for the day though. It is more like: did I do anything special for someone today?  Did I do anything hurtful today? Did I do my best today? Simple questions, yet the answers reflect whether I valued this day as a ‘gift’ , or did the day just roll into some moments, with little to be said for how I spent those moments. We always think ‘oh there is tomorrow’. But in reality, what if there isn’t tomorrow and you only have today? Wouldn’t you want to use all those moments in the day to bring  JOY into your life and those around you? Harder to do some days than others! Yes, I agree. However, we can each strive to make those moments count and relish them as a gift, opening it gently, savoring the wrapping, and treasuring the contents.

“Today will never come again. Be a Blessing. Be a friend. Encourage someone. Take time to care. Let your words heal and not wound.” (Tejas Patel)

What did your day feel like? Was it a gift to you? Can you make tomorrow a gift?



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