The Basket of Friendship!

Recently, I had a visit for a couple of days of a dear friend of nearly 40 years! What a delightful time we had reminiscing, laughing, planning for a future trip together (with husbands), and experiencing true contentment just seeing each other again.  I started thinking about real friendship and decided to create the basket of friendship above: loyalty + caring + supportive + trust + fun = JOY.

There are people in our lives who are acquaintances and we see them every so often,  but there is not a personal relationship with them. Situational friendships might be built around a group one belongs to. Mentor friendships may change over life as one grows and matures in a career.  Neighbors often turn out to be that helpful friend whom you can count on to assist with different things. There are also work friends that one might lunch with or stop in to have coffee or a drink with. Family members are often wonderful friends. Certainly, sometimes  friends within these circles do develop into  life long trusted friendships that bring JOY to one’s life.

It is a blessed life indeed if one has a few friends that are loyal through thick and thin; caring about you no matter what your status in life; supportive of you and your endeavors in life and will guide you if you fall off course; trusts you as you do them implicitly; and there is always joint fun and laughter. If life changes paths, and you do not see each other often, the friendship continues to grow with regular communication because that is probably the biggest denominator that binds you together…..that sharing of souls.  When you do see each other, it is like a day has never passed not sharing. One doesn’t need a multitude of this type of friend…….just a treasured few that bring  JOY.

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.” (Unknown)

Who is your most treasured friend and how can you nourish that friendship to bring even more JOY?

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