Second Agreement:   Don’t Take Anything Personally

This is the second agreement from Don Miguel Ruiz’s Book, “The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, a Toltec Wisdom Book”  ….still one of my favorite books.

In reality, there are probably several times a week when our feelings are hurt by something someone says about us or does to us, intentionally or not so intentionally, and either way,  it still hurts. We are all sensitive to how others view us and want to be thought of positively; that’s our human nature. In the moment though, it is hard to convince ourselves that it is about what the other person says or does as a reflection of their issues/opinions, not our thoughts or our actions. In addition, we have no control over others…..absolutely zero! They are going to think and do what it is they think and do, no matter what.

Making this second agreement part of our daily habits is important in uploading more JOY in our lives. So what do we do to begin this process? The key is that we have options regarding those words or actions that hurt us.  We can a) not respond, b) toughen up our outer skin, c) repeat in our own heads thoughts that are positive about ourselves, d) be confident in our own character and qualities and e) if we have to, limit or even eliminate association with that person. Save ourselves the hurt by trying to practice any of these ideas. Adopt the second agreement!

Don Miguel Ruiz says: “There is a huge amount of FREEDOM that comes to you when you take nothing personally.”

How soon can you begin to practice this habit and have more JOY and POSITIVES in your life?



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