What is WEALTH anyway?

Looking at the picture of Vegas from a few years ago, one might think wealth resides in the glitz, glamour and the allure of ‘winning big’. However, as we all know, Vegas is just for fun sometimes and most of us either break even, win or lose a few dollars, and not much more.

Some define wealth as having a fantabulous home, being able to take extended vacations, or a healthy bottom line in the bank. And there is nothing wrong with aspiring to attain these things. Maybe at some point we have been pretty ill or suffered an accident, and we come to understand that wealth  truly is having good health and being able to physically do the things we desire. As we age and we see our children grown into adults or feel those little loving arms of a grandchild around us, we know that this is pure JOY and wealth in our lives. Most probably wealth has different meanings for each of us during different phases of our lives.

Today, I opened my computer and this quote was the first thing I saw. Truly, I read it several times before it sank in, and now I am reflecting on it for myself. I encourage you to do the same.

Wealth is a measure of our well-being, most accurately measured in the quality of the human capital and relationships, and the hope and expectations of those relationships.” (Frank J. Hanna,  from  A Graduate’s Guide to Life as noted on Dynamic Catholic.com)

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