Interesting Road Sign! Made me stop and think about what humility is and is not….. and if I am humble in life.

Fulton Sheen in “Finding True Happiness” said: “Humility is the pathway to knowledge.” As I thought more about this quote, I interpreted it to mean that if we are not all filled up with ourselves and our worldly possessions, we have open spaces in our hearts and minds to take in the things that are really important about life, leading to true knowing.

The Latin meaning of humility literally means low. Examples could be  putting others before yourself; remembering to think of others each day and what they might need; not drawing undue attention to oneself; and maybe even not having to be right. Ohhhhhh, the last one is interesting because we all WANT to be right, sometimes even at the expense of another’s feelings. Someone very wise once told me that the words ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ have no place in relationships. Funny, when you take those words out of your conversations, attitudes shift. Humility has a place to come into your heart. It would seem that having true humility leads to greater contentment with oneself and greater JOY in life.

“Pride is concerned with who is right: humility is concerned with what is right” (Ezra T. Benson).

Have you assessed your humility quotient?

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