Life happens. There is good, less than good, and lots of things in between. It certainly could be easy to become despondent or feel like giving up, especially when several events happen in succession in our lives. It can feel oppressive, burdensome, and may even bring about resentment. ….…like why me. Indeed, it is exactly at these times that we must peek through the forest to see that the sun has begun to shine, therein, the POSITIVE of hope is within grasp. We only have to chose hope, optimism, and bring the JOY back in to life.

Finding that hope can bring us strength to move through dark times and focus on the possibilities of what is yet to come.  The probability is that we cannot  know at that moment in time  where the journey will take us; we only have to believe that there is light on this path, holding on to the hope of better things to come, and knowing there has to be some element of trust on our part….trusting in the hope that is always there for us to touch and hold on to.  Trusting that tomorrow the sun will rise again.

Robert H. Schuller said: “Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future”.

What is your greatest hope at this moment in life?




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