A few posts back, I shared with you some thoughts about HOPE and also about FAITH. So, it stands to reason that today’s post is moving on to CHARITY.

The ‘season of giving’ is here as we move toward the Christmas festivities. Of course, we all enjoy getting gifts, and not just at Christmas. However, CHARITY does not always need to come in the form of tangible gifts. I believe that one of the greatest gifts of CHARITY is that of our time. Time is precious and there are only so many moments in our lives! Life keeps us all pretty busy, so time becomes a precious commodity.  Sometimes, it can be difficult to allot time for other’s really in need of assistance.

So, in keeping with the season of giving, I offer some suggestions about how we might give of our time…….making a sacrifice for those, who perhaps just a few minutes from us, can make a significant difference for them.

We could offer some of our time:

  • To those in a nursing home who have no one to visit with them, or to read a special story of the season for their pleasure.
  • To those we work with who might need childcare so they can finish their ‘Santa’ shopping.
  • To those in hospice who could use a cheery greeting or a song of the season.
  • To those in our family who may be in need of our time to cook them a great meal that includes some old family recipes they haven’t had in a long time.
  • To those who are our partners/spouses who could benefit from our time, giving special attention that has gotten lost in the relationship due to busy schedules, like a date night or their special home cooked meal.
  • To those of our friends or family members who have lost loved ones and would appreciate our time of a handwritten note expressing our care and concern for them.
  • To those who have no transportation to doctor’s appointments, our gift of time to take them to the appointment and see that they return home.
  • To any one who is in need of our time of a listening ear to show that we care and we understand.


“Time is non-refundable, use it with intention”. (I have heard this many times but it is always listed as anonymous) .

To whom  in your life will you give the charity of time this season?

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