“Find something good in each person you meet and help it to grow” (Matthew Kelly, Mustard Seeds).

When we meet someone for the first time, we quickly form an opinion about how the person presents to us. For me, it is the eyes. Looking directly into the eyes, one can see if there is JOY, pain, something concealed, or sadness. I know when I meet someone ‘who smiles with their eyes’ that I will like them and depending on the circumstance, this person might become more than an acquaintance.

Once in a while, there are those people you meet in one situation or another that just ‘rub you the wrong way’, so to speak. This is our opportunity to look for the good in the person, find something POSITIVE. If we are in continued contact with the person, one has an opening to encourage this POSITIVE  in conversation and small acts of kindness. Chose to be that quiet model, perhaps of change for the person. At this point in my life, I have come to understand that you just never ever know how your words, your actions, or your concern and care will impact another’s life. Having said that, it is a valued practice to find the good, champion it and never let an option to move it forward pass by.






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