A few weeks ago, I had the great experience of attending a week long workshop on watercolor painting at THE CLEARING in Door County. A dear friend and I attended together and had plenty of time to dine out and catch up on our lives.

Although I have been painting since 2003, with a few years off, I decided to challenge myself to take this class. What an inspiration and enlightening week it  was! Wow….my head was bursting with all the information and new ideas I wanted to implement in my own painting. I came home really fired to rev up my painting schedule. Now a couple of weeks away from that experience, my fervor has calmed, but not gone, perhaps just on a more even keel.

Isn’t that so true with most new experiences in life? As we are in the midst of it, our senses, heart and mind want to take off and run with it…soar to the sky. Then life happens and you become a little less enamored with what you were going to do. I decided that to avoid that if I could, I should set some goals around the excitement I experienced during that week. Well, it is a couple of weeks down the line, but today I am setting those goals…….keeping in mind they need to be realistic, yet involve a little ‘push’ to move myself out of the comfort zone.

Dan Stevens said: “The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity; moving beyond it necessitates intuition, which in turn configures new perspectives and conquers fears.”

What do you want to do to move out of a comfort zone for yourself?


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