Life is never short on challenges! Would you agree? At times, it seems like if it is not one thing to manage, then it is another.  Various ways to look at those periods in our lives is that these challenges could be hidden opportunities……depending on how we rise to the occasion. If we face the issue head on, then we have a good possibility of resolving and overcoming, depending on our line of thinking, positive or negative. Contrarily, if we avoid the matter at hand, it either gets worse or in time gets slightly better,  but usually does not resolve itself. Funny thing about that!

The interesting note about life’s challenges is that after the crisis and one has time to reflect (and this could be a long time after), one may find that the permeating issue has morphed into opportunity, in which a new path to growth and inner development forged into a change for the positive path/direction in life.  The reality is that often we may come to realize that this would most likely not have happened had we not been faced with the original challenge and did the work to resolve it. In other words, we would not have sought out the new direction on our own…….we needed guidance and enlightenment to see it. What is it they say about our hindsight……often clearer than our foresight!

“The challenges that come our way in life are simply opportunities to change, to grow,  and to become  the-best-version-of-ourselves” Matthew Kelly, Dynamic Catholic, from The Seven Levels of Intimacy.

How do you view your current challenge and could it be an opportunity for growth?

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