Life certainly is full of all the ‘things’ we must do; things we would like to do; and things we think we will never be able to do. We need to streamline the ‘things’ in that order to help lift us up to creating the impossible, right?

I will use myself as an example of this idea. I set up a new schedule for myself to streamline my week. I do my necessary tasks on Monday for five hours. This includes cleaning, getting groceries, paying bills, watering plants, drugstore items and general errands. One day of the week is for my volunteer work; three hours per week for clients; one half day is for an art class; and two hours per week for yoga class.  The rest of the week is divided into half day slots for my possible…..watercolor painting and writing.

There was a time about 14 years ago that watercolor painting and golf were on the impossible list. (Golf is still moving toward positive possible…not there yet!) Watercolor painting  became possible through classes and practice, and now I would say that it is a necessary part of my life. I want to do it: I love it: I am pulled nearly everyday with the desire to head downstairs to the studio. The point is that by DOING it regularly, what I once thought was impossible, has moved from impossible, to possible and necessary.

Now on to my impossible: writing of the book and the journal article.  For several years, I have had two book outlines and researched material  in my head and information sitting on note pads, along with a journal article that has been only partially completed. Writing a blog used to also be in the impossible category until January of 2017.  I committed to  start writing, continued and now it is not only possible, but it is moving toward necessary for my personal fulfillment of the authorship goal. Point again is that by working and committing yourself to the impossible, you can make it not only possible for yourself, but also necessary for you to thrive. I must now start real work on my impossible category.

St. Francis of Assisi from The Book of Change: “First do what is necessary, then do what is possible and before long you will find yourself doing the impossible”.

Set aside some time today to write down your necessary, possible and impossible. Now make a plan to move the impossible to the possible category.

Have a great fall weekend!


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