Today brings us within two days of closing out one year and looking forward to the next…2019!

As I spend some time today reflecting on this year, I am grateful, blessed, saddened, happy and filled with JOY all at the same time. Our lives can never be continually just one of the above emotions; it is always a mixed bag because that is LIFE! Someone once told me that if we were constantly, each minute of each day, in a high state of JOY/HAPPINESS that our physical beings would not humanly be able to manage that flood of emotion day after day. We would break under the weight of the emotion. When I think of those types of moments, I know that is true. Our lives have to be balanced with mixed emotions, as it is balanced with the good and not so good experiences we find on our journey.

So, my final note for 2018 is to look at the little star to the left of the church. It says BELIEVE. That is what keeps us going through the thick and the thin of life and the emotional ups and downs. We just keep on believing….in ourselves, our family, our friends, and most of all in the Lord who provides us with everything!

This year will close soon. May you renew your BELIEVE button in your heart and step into 2019 with PURPOSE, JOY and POSITIVES!



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