Just to bring you up to date from the Midwest in case you missed the news……..It is bitterly cold and we have feet, not inches, of snow!!! Schools have been closed twice in the last week and no doubt they will be tomorrow,  due to the deep freeze.

I am not a winter person, but there was a certain beauty and magic as the snow lightly fell yesterday and I was trouncing through the snow with two of my grandkids to get to the top of a little hill so they could sled down it. I stood up at the top of the hill, looked up, took a couple of deep breaths, let the snow fall on my face and held my arms out to the universe. It was an awesome experience. It somehow felt calming and that all was right in my corner of the world.

Here are some other ideas for creating CALM in the middle of a storm.

  • Try to keep your perspective and think POSITIVE because this too shall pass
  • Give your self a time to step back and reflect or a 5 minute meditation
  • Think about only the things you CAN control; let go of what is out of your control
  • Keep the parts of your daily routine that will work during the storm; let go of the routines that are overwhelming or simply will not work
  • Don’t try to multitask in this storm; just do the necessary and get through it
  • Last, but certainly not least, give yourself a break; go easy on your expectations of yourself and those around you until things settle down
  • Be patient with yourself, breathe deeply and smile

“This too shall pass”  an adage to remind us that this storm is temporary.

What is your way of finding calm?



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