A week ago, we celebrated Easter, only after the solemnity of Good Friday, the Christian Holy Day commemorating the crucifixion of our Lord.  Then He rose on Easter Sunday so that we could have new life. It is a Blessed Day that brings us Hope and Joy to our hearts forever, a renewal of our spirit and souls.

We as people do need this renewal of our spirit for there are dark days; we do experience human suffering, and there are many things within our culture that bring about concern. The Resurrection is our Hope, our Way and our Life that help us to walk through our humanness with faith. It is faith that keeps us in the present moment, knowing that is right where we are supposed to be; it is faith that gives us deep understanding of our past, and it is faith that instills in us confidence in the future.

May we continue to experience this hope and faith in renewal of our spirit and lives.


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