Are you ready for…………..work, dinner, class, to work out, new projects, a new season, or CHANGE?

Change in our lives happens whether we invite it or not; change can be outside in our environment or within our beings, sometimes both. Change can be temporary or it can be permanent; this involves our own personal choices as to whether the change is limited or remains.

Let’ s talk about the permanent changes in our lives, expected or unexpected, which can be viewed as negative or positive, depending on many factors. Sometimes change involves required healing and this can create opportunities in time and space for us that would not have come about without the change. Interestingly enough, change happens every day because when we open our eyes each morning, that day is a new reality to create, born out of change. How this is manifested lies within our power as to the manner in which we address the change. Shifting out of our comfort zone and ‘the way we always have done things’ is not easy by any means, but as Judith Viorst said there are at times ‘necessary losses and that is how we grow’. That shift is possible for each of us, but we have to be willing to do the work to see the progress.

Yesterday, I attended a Day of Autumn Prayer and one of the leaders asked us to contemplate on an important change that had occurred within the last year, negative or positive, but to focus and evaluate the GOOD that came out of that change. Wow! On my drive home, I enlisted my thoughts to go to a devastating loss this past year and I was able to bring up five GOOD outcomes from that change in my life. I will be journaling later today because I think I may have just scratched the surface of the GOOD. I invite you to do the same, as I found this to be an enlightening experience.

I will end with a quote directly from one of the leaders of the group, Fr. Ted Lawson:  “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday”. I think many of our worries of today are about the changes in our next day, so this quote left me with much to ponder.



  1. So very true – Sometimes I remain busy so to avoid painful reflections on past changes. I havent “stayed with” the reflection to see it through to good.


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