It is one rainy, sunless, damp unsettling day with little motivation in my heart! That was my sentiment at eight o’clock, noon, and I find it still lurking around the corner of my day at four o’clock. So, I decided to write and share.

First, looking at the picture of a plaque my sister gave me years ago, I see that this day was supposed to be just like this. It could be no other way.  Last week, I was quite productive in organizing, accomplishing and re-settling in my home, a contented feeling most of the week. Maybe then I  needed to experience this type of day to more fully appreciate the better days/weeks. So, today is today and that does not mean it will be more of the same tomorrow. I can chose and orchestrate tomorrow!

Second, this is just plain a very weird time in life with experiences that are new to most of us, unless you are in your nineties and survived WW II.  If you are in that group and are reading my blog, I congratulate and thank you for your contributions during that unbelievable period of history. My father, no longer here on earth, was a WW II survivor, but he never talked about most of his experiences. As I have become more interested in that time period by reading about it and watching films, I am sure my father held much closely in his heart.

Those things being said, I want to share with you a quote that was in one of my emails the other day from a company I have used. The quote is from Jean Paul Sartre who lived during the WW II period in Paris, a French philosopher. He said: “Look back, look forth, look close, there may be more prosperous times, more intelligent times, more spiritual times, more magical times, and more happy times, but this one, this small moment in the history of the universe, this is ours. And let’s do everything with it. Everything.”

This pandemic is in our time; we are living it; we are constrained by it; some days we are consumed by the news of it; we are learning from it; we are praying for an end to it; we are pinning our faith on better times. This too will become part of history, part of the fabric of our lives; we do not have a choice in that matter. But we can do ‘everything’ with it today and tomorrow. What is your ‘everything’ you will do?



  1. Thank you for this, as well as all of your other entries. They have perfect timing.

    My ‘everything’s is to gently adjust the sales and face whichever direction they take me.


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