December twenty-fourth, the eve upon which we await the promise of the Baby Boy’s birth;

The shepherds journeyed far, following the Bethlehem Star, looking for the inn door, only to find a tiny Baby Boy in a manger, on a stable floor.

For us all, rich or poor, strong or weak, the weary, the helpless, the challenged and the meek;

The Baby Boy came quietly, after the journey, in unfamiliar surroundings, amidst the shepherds, yet He is Deity.

The Baby Boy, newly born, quietly brought peace, love, joy and hope to our world in many a form.

Reach for His tiny hand to lead you, protect you, and carry you when you you fall. Hold Him close to your heart; the reason for this night may you often recall.

Note: This is my original Christmas 2020 poem. Merry Christmas to all.


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