If you are an optimistic person, you most likely look at the glass as ‘half full’, tend to find the silver lining of events that may be less than great, are engaged positively in life, and are in general a positive joyful person. There is a fair amount of research that indicates our health is impacted significantly when our emotions are positive which is closely linked to a lowered stress hormone cortisol, thereby, supporting greater immune response and reduced times of illness.

Dr. Andrew Weil offers proactive suggestions to incorporating a more optimistic way of being: (www.drweil.com)

”Eat a more healthy diet; exercise and get adequate deep sleep; write in a gratitude journal; breathing exercises to calm ourselves during stressful events; confide in someone or even seek professional help; let go of the small stuff; find humor in difficulties (finding the silver lining are my words); and relinquish control and go with the flow.”

There are also some essential oils that you can use that support a sense of calm, especially if you put a small drop and rub it into the middle of each foot. The two I use most are from Young Living called Peace/Calming and Joy. ( I am not a distributor so no plug here for a product, just sharing info). There are many companies that carry similar products.

Have a joyful day and think POSITIVE!



  1. Pat,
    Barbara says hello. We are doing or best to stay positive and hope you are practicing your message as well.Stay healthy in body mind & spirit. Kieth & Barbara


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