It is one rainy, sunless, damp unsettling day with little motivation in my heart! That was my sentiment at eight o’clock, noon, and I find it still lurking around the corner of my day at four o’clock. So, I decided to write and share.

First, looking at the picture of a plaque my sister gave me years ago, I see that this day was supposed to be just like this. It could be no other way.  Last week, I was quite productive in organizing, accomplishing and re-settling in my home, a contented feeling most of the week. Maybe then I  needed to experience this type of day to more fully appreciate the better days/weeks. So, today is today and that does not mean it will be more of the same tomorrow. I can chose and orchestrate tomorrow!

Second, this is just plain a very weird time in life with experiences that are new to most of us, unless you are in your nineties and survived WW II.  If you are in that group and are reading my blog, I congratulate and thank you for your contributions during that unbelievable period of history. My father, no longer here on earth, was a WW II survivor, but he never talked about most of his experiences. As I have become more interested in that time period by reading about it and watching films, I am sure my father held much closely in his heart.

Those things being said, I want to share with you a quote that was in one of my emails the other day from a company I have used. The quote is from Jean Paul Sartre who lived during the WW II period in Paris, a French philosopher. He said: “Look back, look forth, look close, there may be more prosperous times, more intelligent times, more spiritual times, more magical times, and more happy times, but this one, this small moment in the history of the universe, this is ours. And let’s do everything with it. Everything.”

This pandemic is in our time; we are living it; we are constrained by it; some days we are consumed by the news of it; we are learning from it; we are praying for an end to it; we are pinning our faith on better times. This too will become part of history, part of the fabric of our lives; we do not have a choice in that matter. But we can do ‘everything’ with it today and tomorrow. What is your ‘everything’ you will do?




In the last few months due to the pandemic,  I am sure we have all experienced a little bit of both the above. We are alone much of the time as we social distance and at times this may induce the feeling of being lonely. During this time, it is so important to take good care of not only our physical, but also our emotional and spiritual health.

When things in life change so rapidly and so counter to the life we knew and understood how to navigate, it can be overwhelming. Yes, overwhelming to the point that we really have to work at lifting our spirits, even if we are by nature a positive, joy filled  person. It is important to take those feelings, bless them for what they are (they are real),  let  them simmer in our minds, and then give way to a different place in our thinking/feeling. As with most feelings brought about by unwelcome changes, they will be temporary. Temporary can be defined on a time line differently by everyone. But we do make our own ‘temporary’. We get to chose.

As I have walked this journey in my own life, I know that I can still thank the Lord every morning and night for the gifts and the graces I have been given, have not lost, and wish to pass on to others. Maybe it is just a phone call, a long overdue handwritten note, a ‘hello’ text, the sending of a small gift or dropping something at a friend’s front door that I can do today. I have always found that when I do things for others, my own emotional being  feels better.

May you chose to use your alone or lonely to lift someone else up, especially now during this unprecedented journey we all are living.






Life can be full of decisions, choices and of course consequences! So often we have to decide to stay the course or create a new path…….whether it involves friendships, family, jobs, health or relationships. It ‘s like taxes: you have to pay your dues!

The good part about the decisions and choices is that they give us new opportunities to write a different story……not one involving the past, but the creation of a new life story. Sometimes, it seems like an endless process doesn’t it and the older I get, the more I am trying to focus on the process, not the destination.

What is interesting is that there are times you start the first chapter of this new story thinking you will go in a certain direction; then something pops up, like a rock or a mud puddle,  that you sort of stumble on or through, and everything changes! Really?? And now what you say?? Well, truth is these path changes will be what we chose to make of them…….either they will push us to a new comfort zone or pull us backward. The choice is always within us. We have the power! Others can tell us what they think or what we ought to do, but ultimately it comes down to our own personal discovery through the choice.

Abraham Lincoln said : “The best way to predict your future is to create it”. So, I say be proactive, control your thinking to lead you to the most desirable future you can envision. When that future moves from a present reality to the past, it will be time to recreate, once again a process which can evolve into a new most desirable future. That is the beauty of life…… just keeps evolving!

Happy creating your new script!




As we walk this path of life, sometimes we will be in the sunshine of good times and all is going well. Other times, we may be in the shade; maybe we are resting or maybe we are not able to find our way back to the sun because something is blocking our vision. Is it an actual obstacle or just our perception that it is blocking our moving forward?

Who is on your journey with you? Sometimes, we find ourselves in front of our journey partner and sometimes we are behind. We might have to slow our pace and allow them to get to where we are. Or perhaps, we have to work on ourselves to catch up. It isn’t a race or a competition; no, it is a journey of collaboration by design… be truly with and present to the journey. This will be the heart of our story.

On my journey in 2020, I have chosen the word GRACE to accompany and guide me. It is interesting that after much thought in searching and choosing this word, nearly every day at least once it comes up in something that I read! One of the things I want to experience is to acknowledge and use the graces I am given each day to the best of my ability.

How is your 2020 journey thus far?




Here we go……new days, new weeks, new months, new year AND a new decade!!

Where were you last year at this time mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually?  How did you progress into and end the year 2019 in these areas?

What did you let go of last year  that was toxic in your  life or no longer was positively purposeful?

What did you accomplish that you planned or what was achieved that you did not plan?

Did you take a new path at a cross road on your life journey?

These are just some of the questions that we ask ourselves as we contemplate stepping out of the comfort of 2019 and into the unknowns of 2020.

When it is all said and done, we all have the positives and the negatives that we remember from 2019. Being grateful for both, and the silver linings that emerged from even the negatives, should be a part of our reflections. Sometimes, yes, we do have to search for those silver linings, but they are there.

Happy 2020 to each of you and Blessings for a healthy, peaceful and life filled with your purpose and joy.




It is only 10 short days until we celebrate the Birth of Our Lord, the culmination of the Advent Season of preparing and waiting. In our faith, Advent is the beginning of the “New Liturgical Year”.  I have noted that each message during the homily this Advent is centered around HOPE, which is deeply encouraging, given the state of our world, some things in our personal lives and the various shifts in life many of us may be experiencing. The message has been that HOPE is a gift in our lives, one to be used and experienced, not only for ourselves but in ways to serve others, building them up and encouraging them. As I thought about this, I decided to reach out to someone that I thought could use encouragement and HOPE. There was not a response, but I HOPE that the message may  have helped in some way.

When I think of HOPE, I think of possibilities,  of new beginnings,  and the letting go of cumbersome worries, among just a few of the thoughts. I believe that it is HOPE that keeps up moving forward and not mired in the ‘downs’ or challenges we face. If we have HOPE, we have everything! It is not over; it is going to come to fruition, in the way that has been chosen for us by HIM. On December 25, the waiting and preparing, each in our own spiritual way, will come to fruition as Our Lord will arrive once again to bring us HOPE…..for us, our families, our lives, and our world.

Continue on in your preparations for the coming of the greatest HOPE there is.




In my morning mediations yesterday, the question was ‘what blessings have you received this year?’ I started thinking about that and continued to read the second question, which is what I have spent the last couple of days reflecting on: ‘who have you blessed this year?’

We certainly all have many blessings in our lives, some of which we have not yet uncovered in our consciousness.  Sometimes, in retrospect, a blessing comes forth from tragedy/hurt/ pain or suffering.  I am grateful for the many blessings in my life and would have a difficult time choosing my greatest blessing.

’Who have you blessed in the last year?’ I can think of a few people  that I have done things for that could be counted, but I am sure I could do more. When you think about it, ‘the who’ you have blessed is equally as important as the ‘what blessings’. Blessings that you give to others come in so many different categories…….listening to a friend tell the story yet again, reading a book to a child, giving a compliment, holding a door, giving another your place in line at the grocery store, running an errand for someone because you are already at that store, saying ‘I’m really sorry’, asking for and/or giving forgiveness, stopping to say hello to someone who is all alone, calling someone you have not talked to for awhile just to ‘catch up and let them know you are thinking about them’. Notably, none of these cost money; they involve your time, which is your blessing to the other.

Let’s have a Thanksgiving week of blessing others as many times as we can. They say 21 days and something becomes habit. That would be a good 21+ days wouldn’t it!!






November 1st marks the beginning of the countdown season to the holidays! So much to do, so little time, right? Let’s think about that for a minute.

We all  have an internal reserve of emotional, physical, spiritual and mental energy which can deplete quickly in times of stress, worry, trauma, and/or illness. I didn’t even address the just ‘busyness’ of everyday life in balancing work, family and outside commitments. Everyone, but your personal self, usually gets addressed……you find a way to make it all work, and sometimes that is at the expense of any personal time for you. We all need that ‘you’ time and this is not being selfish; it is a necessity. We can only be at our best in any area of life when we are fulfilled emotionally, feeling healthy, renewed spiritually and mentally in sync with the other three areas.

Maybe as we begin a new month, it is time for each of us to find 15 minutes each day that belong to no one but ourselves. Start with just 15 minutes and expand it when and if you can. Maybe it means getting up a half hour earlier when the house hold has not yet awakened, or staying up a little later, or maybe even spending our lunch hour in solitude, or maybe using that 15 minute afternoon break for you. The important aspect is that you decide when it will be, commit to that time by putting it in writing in your daily schedule and decide how that time will most benefit you…..which does not include figuring out what’s for dinner, how far to stretch the budget, tomorrow’s deadline or making mental lists of who you need to call.

Some ideas for this ‘you’ rejuvenation might include journaling, prayer, meditation, quietly listening to relaxing music while you deep breathe to the beat, or simply just sitting, breathing and letting your heart be filled up. I have found that when I stay in the rhythm of doing this daily, over time my relaxation gets deeper and the rejuvenation lasts longer.

I recommit to starting this practice again today. When will you start?

”We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden”  John Wolfgang von Goethe,  author, statesman, and poet 1749-1832.







As we move closer to the Holiday Season, many of us will be coping with grief, like it or not. Grief will  be a part of our lives, earlier or later; it is part of being human.

There will be the expected loneliness and being alone as well as missing ‘what used to be’. We will need  some solitude to heal and rejuvenate.

There is a difference between loneliness and solitude. We grieve in both, just in different ways. Most of us would not choose loneliness, but I suggest we should chose solitude within this loneliness to meditate, pray, reflect  and heal.

Let’s shift to how we might manage this grief. Coping encompasses four different things as sited  from Horizon Grief Resource Center, Fall, 2019 Volume 10, Issue 3. 

“First, use your support network effectively. Secondly, meet  new people with like interests. Third, get out in your community…take a class, join a club, volunteer. Lastly, honor your loneliness and give yourself permission to cry when you feel lonely.”

Just like the picture above, grief is  a journey and sometimes it feels like you walk that path endlessly,  with nothing but more of the same ahead of you. But in my own experience, one day the walk gets easier and you come upon a meadow where you receive some rest before you continue on in the healing.

If you are grieving a loss, may you find the coping skills that are right for you and move toward your ‘meadow’.