This is a fact of life is it not? When we were younger we waited to become a teenager, then to get the driver’s license, then to turn a legal 21, then to find the right career, partner, first house, to have a family, to get the big promotion, also  waiting in line at the grocery store or the DVM. Even the grapes in the crate above are waiting to be processed into delicious wine! Waiting escapes no one!

Sometimes, the waiting we experience throughout our lives can turn to frustration or even disappointment, especially if we have been waiting a long time for a certain event and the outcome isn’t what we expected or wanted. So, let’s consider an alternative to the feeling of continually waiting…..patience. As my dear mother use to say to me (and often): patience is a virtue!

Patience doesn’t mean that we become powerless and give up, rather, it can be empowering in that we wait, observe and determine when and how to act. One author, Judith Orloff, M.D.  in her article The Power of Patience (September, 2012)  presents the idea of patience as a “form of compassion, a re-attuning to intuition, a way to emotionally redeem your center in a world filled with frustration”.  She further says that she is defining patience as an “active state, a choice to hold tight until intuition says….make your move. It means waiting your turn, knowing your turn will come.”

Easier said than done sometimes, right? However, in life timing is everything and that means you have to ‘wait’ till the correct opportunity presents itself, trusting that the ‘wait’ will be worth it. The key word….trusting the wait.

“Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience”  Ralph Waldo Emerson.




A new month  and 365 new days (actually 360 since it is January 5) to create our legacy for 2019. What will it be? How will we accomplish it? How will we spend these 360 days? The new year is a new book, with many new chapters, some chapters revisited, and it has 360 blank pages to write your own story. How will it read?

To start the conversation, I will share what our parish priest talked about last week: wishes versus resolutions.  Our wishes are repeated musings about what we would like to have or be. Whereas, resolutions are things that get beyond the wish level because we commit to ‘do’ in order to create and accomplish. We committ…that is the key.

In my reading, I found that several writers aspire to the idea that rather than making resolutions, you chose one word that is your focus for the year. A second idea was to write one thank you note to someone each week of the year, building a habit of gratitude. Another idea was to write on a small piece of paper the date and one thing that you enjoyed that day. Put them in a jar and on New Year’s Eve of 2019 read them, one by one, savoring all the JOY that you experienced in the year. (I love this idea and am doing it).

Another author, one of my favorites Matthew Kelly of Dynamic Catholic, wrote about our ability to reflect, reminisce and perhaps have regrets about the past, but in the past space you cannot HOPE. It is not available! It is in our future, in our heart, that HOPE lives. I guess that is what resolutions or one word mantras for the year are all about…..yes HOPE that new beginnings in different areas of our lives will come our way. Without HOPE, we will remain stuck in the past, unable to dream, commit and do the future.

“Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all”  wrote Emily Dickinson.

What is your HOPE for 2019 and what are the steps you will take to make it real?





Today brings us within two days of closing out one year and looking forward to the next…2019!

As I spend some time today reflecting on this year, I am grateful, blessed, saddened, happy and filled with JOY all at the same time. Our lives can never be continually just one of the above emotions; it is always a mixed bag because that is LIFE! Someone once told me that if we were constantly, each minute of each day, in a high state of JOY/HAPPINESS that our physical beings would not humanly be able to manage that flood of emotion day after day. We would break under the weight of the emotion. When I think of those types of moments, I know that is true. Our lives have to be balanced with mixed emotions, as it is balanced with the good and not so good experiences we find on our journey.

So, my final note for 2018 is to look at the little star to the left of the church. It says BELIEVE. That is what keeps us going through the thick and the thin of life and the emotional ups and downs. We just keep on believing….in ourselves, our family, our friends, and most of all in the Lord who provides us with everything!

This year will close soon. May you renew your BELIEVE button in your heart and step into 2019 with PURPOSE, JOY and POSITIVES!





The word hallelujah means “God be praised in worship”. As we prepare in the last few hours before Christmas morning dawns, let us take a few minutes from our schedules and countdown of final touches  to reflect on the reason we have this day of celebration with family and friends who gather with us to share a meal , our gifts, joy, laughter, and the making of memories.

One of the most meaningful pictures I saw on social media during this season was the picture of a huge Santa with his hat off, bended on one knee, head down facing the manager where the Baby Jesus lay. The caption was something to the effect of let us not forget the real meaning/reason for Christmas.

I realize that some of you who read this blog today may not have much celebration to look forward to during this season; some may have experienced serious illness, new diagnosis that are scary; some may not have enough money to buy gifts or perhaps even to  purchases enough food for breakfast let alone dinner; some may have not been able to find work and struggle to support their family; some may be experiencing the loss of a loved one and being alone; and some may be in the chains of addiction to one thing or another. For all of these sad challenges, I will add you to my prayers whoever and wherever you are. The message to you though is that Jesus was born for ALL of us; He is there in the quiet of your worry, concerns and struggles. He will never leave any of us for any reason. Our hearts just have to be still and listen for His comforting whisper.

In my own family, we are experiencing several of the things I have talked about in the above paragraph. Yet,  we hold each other dear; we console each other;  pray for healings; and trust that God will see us through to the other side.









Busy! Busy! Busy!

It is that time of year that we find ourselves either in chaos or bordering denial that the holidays are less than a week away. How did we get here? Most likely it is because we have scheduled and over scheduled ourselves with commitments and the ‘to do list’.

One of nicest things I did for myself this holiday season was to NOT make a ‘to do list’ and to reduce my purchasing to a reasonable level (rather than 6 gifts for each grandchild, I did a special 3 for each),  and I shared with my family that I wanted this Christmas Season to be about family experiences rather than ‘how much can we could get done to get ready’.

As you can see from the picture, I am enjoying a cup of tea at a holiday high tea with my family. Last weekend, we all went out to dinner by the lake and on a Santa Cruise, complete with Santa reading the names of all the ‘nice kids on the list’ at the end.  We have had fires after dinner and the reading of Christmas stories to the kids several nights. The Nutcracker was also a ‘want to see’, but the timing was off for our family… year for sure. Last but not least, I have spent quality time taking each set of the grandkids, older and younger, out for dinner with just me.

It feels different this year, but quite good. I am pleased with my choices and will definitely continue this tradition of experiencing rather than doing during the Holiday Season.

“Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a frame of mind”  from Valentine Davies, Miracle on 34th Street.





The ‘season of giving’ is here as we move toward the Christmas festivities. Of course, we all enjoy getting gifts, and not just at Christmas. However, CHARITY does not always need to come in the form of tangible gifts. I believe that one of the greatest gifts of CHARITY is that of our time. Time is precious and there are only so many moments in our lives! Life keeps us all pretty busy, so time becomes a precious commodity.  Sometimes, it can be difficult to allot time for other’s really in need of assistance.

So, in keeping with the season of giving, I offer some suggestions about how we might give of our time…….making a sacrifice for those, who perhaps just a few minutes from us, can make a significant difference for them.

We could offer some of our time:

  • To those in a nursing home who have no one to visit with them, or to read a special story of the season for their pleasure.
  • To those we work with who might need childcare so they can finish their ‘Santa’ shopping.
  • To those in hospice who could use a cheery greeting or a song of the season.
  • To those in our family who may be in need of our time to cook them a great meal that includes some old family recipes they haven’t had in a long time.
  • To those who are our partners/spouses who could benefit from our time, giving special attention that has gotten lost in the relationship due to busy schedules, like a date night or their special home cooked meal.
  • To those of our friends or family members who have lost loved ones and would appreciate our time of a handwritten note expressing our care and concern for them.
  • To those who have no transportation to doctor’s appointments, our gift of time to take them to the appointment and see that they return home.
  • To any one who is in need of our time of a listening ear to show that we care and we understand.


“Time is non-refundable, use it with intention”. (I have heard this many times but it is always listed as anonymous) .

To whom  in your life will you give the charity of time this season?



Today marks the first week of Advent for Christians and the Jewish Holiday Hanukkah starts tomorrow. During Advent, we prepare and wait for the coming of  Jesus on  Christmas Day.

For all important events in our lives, or those that we think are important, we plan, we create, we strategize, and prepare so that everything is relatively  perfect!

So, let us begin our time of preparation with thoughtfulness about how to make this period of waiting for Christmas meaningful, peaceful, and filled with JOY!

One way to think about preparing is to think about creating new traditions with our families or friends. My new tradition is reading a Christmas short story to my grandkids each day. I found a wonderful book on Amazon, 24  Christmas Stories to Welcome Jesus, various authors are the contributors. We are all enjoying this new tradition.

How will you prepare?