New growth is what I found in my perennial garden this week. It immediately brought HOPE to mind.

Hope is what we hang on to when perhaps we have lost our way, or the path looks bleak at the moment, or we have concerns about which path to take. Hope rises up to shape our future, if we believe that there are still possibilities untapped. We have to believe this in order to feel hope. Hope can move us from a place of negatives or fear to a place of positives to imagine what the future could hold. It can give you a sense of happiness and JOY to come. To hope is to visualize and formulate goals that can change your current situation….maybe even alter significantly the course of the outcome of the new goals.

So, to connect this to the new growth I captured above:  when the tiny  green sprouts of leaves spring forth from the dark cold winter ground, for me it always brings the excitement of beautiful  flowers and the birth of yet another breath taking  spring. It is a new beginning with new life which will come……..I just have to wait for a little more sunshine.

One of my favorite poets,  Emily Dickinson, is credited with this thought: “Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul – and sings the tunes without the words –  and never stops at all.”

Has hope ever changed your life and given you a new spring birth?