Given that it is a new year, perhaps it is time to take stock of what lies within!

The past is the past and it cannot be changed. We can learn from it, but events of the past will stay there…..in the past. The future is unknown; we often trick ourselves into knowing what lies ahead. However, even the very best plans for the future can go awry. It is exactly that….the future!

The one true thing we can count on is today and what lies within our hearts. Those are the things that we ‘know’ but may not take time out of our busy lives to let the ‘knowing’ bubble to the surface and ACT on it. By acting on what is in our hearts, our PURPOSE gains clarity; we become who we were meant to be. We pull up into our inner strength and hone our untapped skills to become, as Matthew Kelly (Dynamic Catholic) says, ‘the best-version-of – ourselves’. That is the ultimate goal; living with PURPOSE; living in JOY; living today in POSITIVES.

‘”What lies within for you?”