A simple reading book and yet there are many young children who struggle to learn to read; some will reach adulthood and will not be able to read a book written at the eighth grade level. The National Institute for Literacy statistics report that this is 50% of adults. Other  statistics from this agency suggest that 45 million adults read below a 5th grade level and that 6 out of 10 households do not buy a single book in a year.

I realize that those who read this blog are certainly not in this category. I write to create an awareness of the need to promote literacy in our families, schools, and communities. Literacy should be fostered, demonstrated and supported  by each of us for the children whose paths cross with ours or that we are responsible for in life. Children who love to read are going to be lovers of learning; this creates an environment for learning to become life long, leading to the opportunity for successful careers and successful lives. Reading should bring JOY!

Ideas to promote literacy might include:

  1. Giving a book for birthdays or holidays.
  2. Reading a special book at family gatherings.
  3. Reading to children at the library.
  4. Going to a homeless shelter and setting up a regular time weekly to read a book to children.
  5. Donating books, both adult and children’s, to homeless shelters.
  6. Having books, magazines and newspapers visibly present in your home.

“The more you read the more things you know. The more that you learn the more places you’ll go.” (Dr. Seuss)

What is one thing you can do this week to promote literacy?




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