It goes without saying that gratitude goes a long way in keeping one upbeat and moving forward with good PURPOSE and JOY. It requires some effort to develop this habit of gratitude. Not all days is it easy to have this spirit.

Our emotions can burst forth with gratitude when our hearts are stirred by  a tragic event we hear on the radio or the television. When we are out and about and see someone who appears to be homeless,  our thoughts of gratitude for our own warm home spring to life. The silent prayer of ‘thankful we have not  experienced this’ is front and center when we see graphic images of tragedy. Other days, the general run of the mill day, gratitude may be elusive and seem out of reach. These days are the challenge.

Gratitude does not have to be all about the obvious and so-called Big Name events. It can be a simple holding of the door for someone who is less mobile or someone whose hands are full, or a heart-felt ‘thank you’ to that person that lets you go in front of them just because, or a nod/wave to the driver who gives you room to move into their lane, or a short note of appreciation to your friend/partner who spent time with you doing something you wanted to do. Cultivating this habit of gratitude on a daily basis brings a sense of JOY. Yes, it takes effort, but a definite ‘worth it’ habit.

What can you do tomorrow that would be an act of gratitude?


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