Summer solstice has just passed and so we are now officially in the JOYous season of summer!

Along with summer comes picnics, swimming at the lake, trips to the beach, biking, beautiful flowering plants, vacationing and hopefully some rest and relaxation. Remember when you were a kid and your parents said “it’s time for a nap”? Now as adults, we may often wish there was some nap time. No one for sure is going to ‘give us permission to nap’, so we just need to give ourselves that permission.

Some  research  has reported that each of our brains does different things during rest mode. For example: some experience “inner seeing”; others noted emotions/feelings bubbling up; some report a greater sensory awareness; while others experienced ‘inner speech’. (Hurlburt, R.T., Alderson-Day B., Fernyhough, C. & Kuhn, S. 2015, Frontiers in Psychology, #6.)

What ever our brains do experience during rest can only happen IF we take that much needed rest. It is a rest away from TV, social media, movies, iPhones, running errands, cleaning, (YES) and all the other things that encompass our daily responsible lives. Even just a few minutes a day of true relaxation with eyes closed, not specifically thinking of anything, and some calm deep breathing in and out, can produce remarkable results in rejuvenation of body, spirit and mind.

I think that William Wadsworth said it well: “Rest and be thankful”.

Plan some rest time for yourself today and everyday.




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