Having your cake and eating it too! What DOES that even mean?

It is an idiom or a figure of speech that suggests that you use all of something now; it is gone; and yet, you want to be able to have it in the future. But it is all gone!

So, you can’t use all your paycheck to go shopping this week, when you need that money to pay the bills next week. Can’t use all the PTO days at work this month because there might be an emergency and you could desperately need a PTO day in the future. It is so tempting to just do it all; forget about what you might need in the future. OH, this is going to take a lot of patience……..and then some more of that thing we call ‘self-discipline’.

So, I suggest just eating a slice or two of the cake, and then you WILL have some for later when you want it. And you will relish it even more perhaps later.

What is your CAKE that you want to have now and still more of in the future?

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