Step back; enjoy the moment; breathe deep; smell the freshness of the morning breeze!

Over the past weekend, I had an opportunity to do these things. It’s amazing how much more one can feel ‘present’ in nature.  The beauty of nature can be nearly overwhelming if we watch and listen. That tiny bird chirping, which often goes unnoticed,  is a JOY to hear. The breeze is fresh blowing through your hair. Sipping the hot cup of tea, you savor the herb flavor. Early rays of warmth from the sun send inspiration and gratitude to the depth of your soul. The swaying leaves above seem to say—–wait, enjoy, don’t go yet; there is no real hurry. Take time to dream a little. Herein, lies the beauty.

Life can be put on hold in order to experience these little moments in nature. Whatever you thought you had to do immediately, truly can wait. Technology and social media can be non – existent for the moment, if only to give one a short respite from the constant drum beat of ‘let’s get it done and hurry on to the next to do’. These moments invigorate and revitalize one’s PURPOSE and bring relaxation and JOY into your being.

John Muir, Nature Philosopher, said: Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul”.

Where will you find your respite in nature this week to invigorate and revitalize your PURPOSE?


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