Focus on your mission today.

This can be a monumental task, can it not?  So many distractions and so many other necessities to accomplish that the mission line can become blurred. When we think too far ahead about our mission, it may get murky, as in how am I going to get THERE from HERE. It starts to become a burden and feel impossible to accomplish. Just like trying to climb that thousand some foot mountain in the picture.

The mission has to be doable, reasonable, and PURPOSEful for you individually. It is wise to remind ourselves that there are steps in the mission, incremental steps that will take us all the way. Of course, there will be some struggles on that path. Who said this statement……. anything worth doing/gaining is not easy or simple?

John R. Wood (Ordinary Lives, Extraordinary Mission) stated: “Focus on your mission and you will come to see the struggles of life not as a burden but as an integral part of the process”.  That is the key to our mission……..it is indeed a process, one which makes us stronger through the struggles.

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