What are we celebrating in life?

Perhaps it is a birthday, a new year, a new child or grandchild in our family, a new job or career, a new house,  a marriage, or a celebration of life. Any one of these events certainly calls for celebration. JOY!

So let’s say it isn’t a big event or a holiday that we are celebrating, but something else. Is it wealth, good health, opportunities that have come our way, a new path in life, a movement from one phase to an evolution of a new chapter in our lives? What about the little celebrations in our lives each day…..the new morning sun, ever awaited rain, gratitude for waking on this day feeling better than the day before, new beginnings, or any other number of blessings we experience and perhaps don’t even recognize.

Our  celebrations, monumental or minuscule, noticed or unnoticed, change our lives. They shape what we think, how we feel, and our vision of the future…..because they were important enough to celebrate, they have meaning to us.

Matthew Kelly in his Dynamic Catholic August Newsletter (2017) states: “We are becoming what ever it is we are celebrating. And we would be wise to listen attentively to the answers, because these answers will utter prophetic truths about our future. We become what we celebrate”. I like Matthew’s direction about what we celebrate. If it is important enough to celebrate,  then it is going to change things in our lives. So, yes, we should listen carefully to our inner thoughts about our celebrations.

What are you celebrating today and what does it mean to you and your future?


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