What happens within…….

The caterpillar with its soft furry coat holds an inner key, unseen, yet still present, that will allow it to evolve into the iconic orange and black Monarch butterfly, soaring to great heights, literally. The hungry young caterpillar eats and eats  until it outgrows its skin, forms the chrysalis, and ultimately, on its own time schedule emerges into a beautiful butterfly, signifying life.

So, it is with each of us. On the outside, we may be a little furry when we are young, holding within us many undeveloped talents that others are not aware of yet. Even we at younger ages have no idea how we will evolve, or who will mentor us along the path of the journey, facilitating our growth and finding our true PURPOSE.   Often, we will have to rise above what is going on outside ourselves to reach our ultimate adult ‘model’. We will internalize much as we grow into our best selves and have to choose wisely to emerge and ‘take flight’.

In Finding True Happiness, Fulton Sheen states, “What is really important is what happens within us, not outside us.”

What is happening within that is important and life changing for you?




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