“We never know how high we are

Till we are called to rise;

And then, if we are true to plan, our statures touch the skies”—— Emily Dickinson.

This quote is from the initial page of a novel I just finished reading, WE ARE CALLED TO RISE, by Laura McBride. It is an amazing, well written book, a page turner, that brings three lives together, which are inextricably interwoven. The struggling middle age woman trying to figure out her life after losing a daughter to illness, a husband to betrayal, and a son mentally to the horrors of war; a wounded war veteran who suffers from two horrible events during his deployment that forever change his life; and an Albanian immigrant family whose lives are tragically shaken by the events on a fine sunny day in Las Vegas. These three lives will intersect and each will have to rise to new heights to understand the pieces and put them together. This story, although a work of fiction, will refresh your belief in the goodness and kindness of mankind……the working together for the good of all.

In our own lives, we often do not know how we will be called to rise, for whom or when. Few of us will escape that part of life and will be called to do just this, probably more than once. We can and we will pull ourselves up,  go the extra mile for someone,  make our world a better place, and do the right thing. I think the old saying was “always rise to the occasion”. As I reflect on my own such moments, I know that some could have been done better and others were just right for the moment in time.

Are you ready, prepared and set to meet a challenge that will call you to rise?

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