Just as Jell-O takes the form of the container it is surrounded by, so too are we shaped by what we are surrounded by”, taken from Nine Words, Dr. Allen Hunt.  

Jello is a simple liquid that has to be held by its container until it is strong enough, solid, to stand on its own.  Whatever the shape of the container will be the shape of the solid Jello. Magic right? Well, it takes just the right temperature to let it form a solid and too much water will totally ruin it….it will never get solid.

So it is with a ‘Jello’ analogy of life. When we surround ourselves with uplifting people, POSITIVE thoughts, and develop good intentional habits with firm PURPOSE , (the right container), we have created an environment that sets the stage for a successful and fulfilling life (solid firm Jello). That does not mean that it will always be easy, or that there won’t be times of turmoil that we have to untangle ourselves from (maybe we added too much water) . There are no guarantees about that; however, how we set up our environment and with whom will definitely influence the outcomes (the shape of the jello). And keep in mind, that jello can be made in many different shaped containers and comes in a variety of flavors! That keeps it interesting for sure.

It goes without saying that the firmer our foundation (the container), the greater the opportunity for amazing possibilities in our life (Jello outcomes)!

Who is in your Jello container?

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