Waking up this morning, bright-eyed and ready to go, not wanting to lose a day of sunshine and warm weather, I pondered various options of how to spend my time with PURPOSE today…… hike, paint in my studio with windows wide open, finish running the errands or a relaxing spa day. HMMMM??

Morning tea and a hot shower helped my discernment process…….Hike won!! My PURPOSE and intention for this hike along a lake is to regenerate energy and drink in the wonderful oxygen from the trees. Nothing more, nothing less.

Time is an interesting phenomena. I know I am sometimes guilty of forgetting about just how precious each and every second in a day is. Prioritizing time in our day is paramount. Time to be productive; time to be reflective; time to be relaxed. These times should equal JOY during our day and a sense of peace and calm at the end when we close our eyes to await yet another day filled with options for our time.

Matthew Kelly, Dynamic Catholic, in his book Mustard Seeds, says: “Time is a precious gift. It is so precious that God dispenses it to you one second at a time. Don’t waste time.”

What will you do with your time today?

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