“Time decides who you meet in life, your heart decides who you want in your life, and your behavior decides who stays in your life”  (Ziad K. Abdelnour).

As I move quickly to the close of another year of life and embrace the new year, I have been  reflecting on this quote I read a few years ago.  It is so true isn’t it? Timing of meeting people, friends, partners or acquaintances is just that….timing.  Although, I personally believe that you don’t meet anyone by accident. I believe people are placed in our lives for a PURPOSE….maybe we will or maybe we won’t ever really know that PURPOSE while here on earth. That part is mostly  irrelevant.

After we meet people, yes, the heart does help you decide who will sit at the table of your life. We ask ourselves: How do I feel about who this person is and how they present themselves? What is our connection? Is this person a POSITIVE in my life? Are we complimentary to each other as friends, partners or acquaintances?

Life goes on with our chosen people in life, but our behavior shapes the relationships. Behavior eventually determines who remains at our table of life. Over and over again, I find this to be true.  If someone’s behavior is less than kind, selfish in nature, with undermining PURPOSE, we would do well to rethink if this person should remain in our lives. Certainly, if someone’s behavior is hurting us emotionally or physically, then we must detach and say good-bye, no matter what the immediate cost may be. The long-term benefit will be greater JOY in our lives and a much more enjoyable meal.

These ideas I share today certainly are not necessarily easy to do, but worth a good long thought. May we carefully invite those to our table of life to serve the common good of all.

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