Sometimes we go slow and sometimes we have to remind ourselves to go ‘slower’, to reach out to others, to step out of ourselves and to be more kind and generous! It is the little things that we make daily choices about that make the biggest difference in our lives. When we were younger, I think we were sold a bill of goods when we thought it was only BIG decisions that made the difference. Of course the big decisions do shape our lives for sure; however, it is only as we mature and reach some ripe age of _______ that we may begin to realize that it is the consistent choices we make every day that are the ‘counters’. (Word stolen from PJP). The best choices match up with our PURPOSE and will bring the most JOY in our lives.

Choices….choices…..and more choices….. to do it our way, right or questionable, or to listen to another’s wisdom and consider a different choice. There are always options, usually several, we just have to be open to what those options are. Let those options filtrate our heart and mind until we make a good choice. One of my grandson’s has this mantra on his ‘rule book’:  ‘STOP. THINK. MAKE A GOOD CHOICE.’ I think we as adults would be wise to remember these three little word statements.

When do you slow down to stop, think and make a different choice?

Dr. Allen Hunt from “21 Undeniable Secrets of Marriage” states: “Our souls become greater or lesser based on the little things we choose each day.”


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