“You are unique, you are precious, you are blessed, and you are loved.”  (Danielle Bean from You’re Worth It).

Being loved means that you are special; you are accepted for who you are, even with flaws; and that you are worth whatever sacrifices the other has to make for you.  Nothing is too big or too small or too difficult to make the effort for those we love.  This applies to family, friends and partners. Love then involves action.

Actions can include but are not limited to: expressing affection, concern for, compassion, shared activities, exchange of honesty, and aspiring for the other’ s best interests.  It is a conscious choice we make every day to do these things for and with those we love.  We often must rise above our own self interests at times in any given moment. That of course does not mean that we lose ourselves in the transaction, but when needed, being able to put the other first. And sometimes, it means in moments of hurt, we have to reach out to show that love. Love does bring JOY and fulfillment and for  best results, it has to be reciprocated.

What actions did you take this week to show love?



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