This sign is taped up on the secretary’s desk at the school where I volunteer, so I am not sure who to give the credit to for the display. But I like it and it certainly rings true.

Words of affirmation are so important, no matter what our age or status in life.  Too often though, we are quick to judge and out of our mouths come negative words/phrases. Sharply or innocently said, those are the words that will be remembered….even if we try to cover up our blunder with ….’oh, sorry, I didn’t really mean that’. Words, once said, can never be taken back. They don’t just get recalled or cancelled out. The delete button is nonfunctional!  No, they can live forever in our listener’s mind and be quite hurtful. The old adage of ‘think before you speak’ is not outdated. Asking oneself if it really needs to be said is a cautionary rule of thumb!

At the end of our day, no matter what our trials have been, it is important that our words to others have been kind and appropriate, rather than short or offhanded remarks. Sometimes, our words can make or break another’s day; we just have to stop and think: how would I feel if someone said___________to me? Do I really need to say this? What is to be gained by my words? Am I just venting to make myself feel better or one up the other?

POSITIVE, affirming words can go a long way in making our day more JOYful and uplifting.  Mother Theresa said: “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”





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