Life is like that isn’t it? Things are going along smoothly or relatively smoothly, and then WHAM, everything changes! I know that I personally have been through quite a few ‘uprootings’ in my life. Some unexpected and some had been coming for awhile. The ultimate thing here is that even our ‘uprootings’ are the result of our own choices. There you have it….our choices.

But look carefully at the picture and what do you see behind and beside all that mass of roots that were pulled right out of the ground? Yes, beautiful, colorful, flowers, green bushes, and even in front of the roots, there is a little bit of new green growth. At some juncture of the chaos, new beginnings are going to evolve…..  unexpected  opportunities for growth and POSITIVES to move us back to JOYful living. It often takes patience and great hope, but it will happen and the ebb and flow of life will continue. That’s just how it works!

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