There are so many things in life that can inspire moments of AWE. They usually happen unexpectedly, but sometimes we have to look for them.  I had that sensation when I captured this sunset a couple of weeks ago, and wouldn’t you know when I picked up the mail,  a new magazine  was waiting for me which had a great article, ” 7 Pathways to AWE”, by Patricia M. Robertson (St. Anthony Messenger). 

Ms. Robertson talks about AWE as added value to our life that can provide greater happiness, kindness and possibly even reduce negatives in our bodies. Here is what she recommends  about heightening our awareness of ‘wonder and amazement’.  I have added a few thoughts on the areas, but the topics come from her.

The first one is to go outside and take in nature…..and leave the technology inside. Rocking a baby and looking into those tender eyes, untouched by the world, is amazing. Being a part of a community as people, friend or stranger, is  a source of wonder and when we are open to them, we can experience moments of kindness in little things. She also suggests that experiencing the arts, however that may manifest itself for each of us, can be filled with moments of wonder and inspiration. Remember reading a touching book and your eyes filling with tears? The next idea is to create something, which I relate to with my watercolor painting. Her final two suggestions are to meditate/pray and to go to church. Meditation/prayer can be a special way of experiencing deep moments of enlightenment, calm, and the Presence of the Spirit to deepen our roots and guide us to seeing the world with AWE.

Albert Einstein said “He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed”.

When have you experienced awe? Where can you look for those moments?


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