Just as the bulbs in the ground all winter must remain hardy  in order to produce the beautiful spring flowers, we too are often called upon to draw from our inner strength and courage. I think one of the cutest sayings I heard many years ago relating to this was “Just pull up your big girl pants and deal with it”.

It could be said that resilience is a characteristic that one must develop in order to survive and thrive! It starts with loving your imperfect self. There will be things that don’t turn out as well as we would like, but we accept, we learn and we move on. It is also helpful to have a good support team in place to assist in our journey through the tough times. Life is going to happen and things can fall apart…….probably more than once. The important factor is to hang right in there, grab the challenge, and never give up!!

Go for it!

What part of your life could you draw on resilience?


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