Purpose, Joy and Positives


Hello family, friends, fellow bloggers and faithful followers!

The last eight weeks have been an interesting and painful experience for me. Please pardon my absence from the blog. It has not been all sunshine and walking through the daffodils as pictured above.  No, I broke my upper left arm in two places which required a surgery, slings, pills, physical therapy, pain and sleepless nights. But the good news is that within the last few days, I feel some relief and life is beginning to resume the normal state! Wow…what an experience! I am in my seventies, grew up on a midwestern farm, rode horses, jumped from the hayloft, climbed trees and drove tractors and never broke a bone. So, the moral of the story is: NEVER EVER FOR ANY REASON STAND ON A SWIVEL CHAIR!!!  Enough said.

In my next blog, I will introduce a guest blogger for your reading. Mershon Niesner, a Certified Personal Professional Coach, authors books, articles and the blog Life After Losing A Mother. Her insights on this and many important life topics will be a fascinating read for you. I met Mershon back in the nineties as she led a woman’s group I belonged to. Somehow over all these years,  our lives keep crossing paths, She has always inspired me and I believe you will enjoy her writing and reflective coaching questions.

See you all soon and truly thank you for your patience.


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