Today’s post will be from my guest blogger, Mershon Niesner,  who is a Certified Personal Professional Coach, Welcome Mershon.

“Coaching helps people get unstuck, move forward, and live a healthier, happier, more productive personal/professional life. Mershon Niesner, CPPC

Ever wonder why there are coaching questions or requests at the end of each blog? I’m a retired, Certified Life Coach and I want to share my expertise. Here are three things I’ve learned while coaching people.

People generally know what they need to do to move forward. Solutions may need to be “teased” out with good questions.
Big changes may start with small steps. Simple requests like, “make your bed everyday” or “buy yourself flowers” have been the beginning of major change.
Most people thrive with accountability. Paying a coach and knowing that they are going to ask how you did during the week, often helps folks stay on target and make progress toward their goals.
Affirmation: I want to grow. personally/professionally.

Coaching questions: What is one thing you want to achieve this week? What step can you take today to move forward? How will your life be different if you reach your goal?”

Mershon’s full article 6 Insights From a Retired Life Coach can be found by contacting her through her blog: http://motherloss.blog

Thank you Mershon!

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