Fourth of July has come and gone, which makes me sad because in my mind that means that summer is half over. So, I engage myself in a different conversation – thinking about all the things I can still do during the last couple of summer months.

What can I do to create some artificial ‘fireworks’ in my life? For starters, I could just sit and enjoy this nice 75 degree weather filled with sunshine and cool breezes. Just enjoy the day for what it is…today. One thing I am working on during the next couple of months is reconnecting with friends for lunch that I have not been in touch with, for one reason or another for a while. One is a college friend from 1975 that I have not seen for about three years. Reaching out to a neighbor for lunch that I do not know very well was also worth the time. It seems that I think of these people in my life but don’t go to the phone and make the plans. My new commitment is to make the plans!

One other adventure I am taking part in is to attend Watercolor Classes for a week long intensive session with a friend who also is a watercolorist! This will be ‘fireworks’ for me and I am truly excited about the new things I will learn, as well as looking forward to catching up on life with a dear friend.

Eleanor Roosevelt said: “The PURPOSE of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly without fear for newer and richer experience.”

What fireworks do you want to create for yourself before summer ends?



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