A few weeks ago we had our original drive way of about 28 years, completely dug up, filled with asphalt and then sealed. As I watched the machines easily gliding across the driveway, chewing up the old asphalt and spitting it out into the dump truck, I could not help but think about the ‘past life’ of this drive. How many different cars carrying our family members,  friends, and household repair workers had driven on it? There have been parties on the drive, cookouts and a few firecrackers lit. There also have also been police cars, ambulances, doctor’s cars, UPS, the mail truck, and sadly a hearse. Yes, this driveway has lived a full and busy life. The digging up brought back some interesting reflections for me.

Isn’t that how life is too? Some event happens and it brings back a flood of past recollections, some good and some less than good. Suddenly, you find yourself immersed in ‘digging up the past’, bringing about perhaps some sadness, anger, and hopefully some JOY with beautiful memories. It is a funny thing about memories. A wise lady once told me that you have to cull through your memories and selectively pick the one’s that have special meaning to you because you could never hold all your memories in that bank, the brain. Words of wisdom for sure.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards”  (Soren Kierkegaard).

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