One of the nicest things that happen to you in life is a surprise that says “I appreciate you and what you do/are”. The flowers above appeared one morning on my table at school where I volunteer once a week, from my daughters with four personally handmade notes attached from each of my grandchildren. My heart could not have been fuller, filled with more joy or been more grateful! I know of course that they all love me, but this said “I am happy you are here and love what you do for us”.

There are many opportunities in life for each of us to show our appreciation in simple ways that cost only a little thought and a few minutes. My guess is that we miss many of these opportunities and once the moment is gone, it can’t be recaptured. You have to observe and find another time.

Here are some thoughts: Smile  at those who wait on you or bag your groceries with a genuine ‘thank you’; holding a door for someone who may or may not need that; letting someone go ahead of you in a line because they have only one or two items;  telling your children/grandchildren that you appreciate their good work/help; thanking your friends for their friendship and support (in good times and bad); and above all find small ways to let your partner/significant other know they are appreciated on a regular basis.

“Appreciation is the highest form of prayer, for it acknowledges the presence of good wherever you shine the light of  your thankful thoughts” (Alan Cohen, inspirational author).

Who can you shower with appreciation today, tomorrow, next week, next month …any day?

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