Turning to fall!

With the beginning of the school year and the turning of the calendar to September, I can already feel fall fast approaching. The stores are filled with  dark sweaters, scarfs and warm comfies instead of the light weight soft pastel colors of summer. Just last week, I saw Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations in one of the local decor stores! No matter what I may think, fall will arrive.

Inspite of my grousing about the end of summer and the anticipation of fall, I do really enjoy the season……..once it gets here. Things I love the most are the beautiful multicolored bright leaves, walking on a crisp morning breathing in the smell of evergreens, building a fire on a slightly chilly evening, exchanging my sandals for my favorite fall classic shoes, though still open toed (LOL), planting mums around the border of my perennial garden, looking for perfect pumpkins with my grandkids, and decorating the house with a few treasured fall items.

Fall also somehow inspires me to clean closets, unclutter my desk, cull the bookcase and organize in general. It gives me a renewed sense of order and helps me create a new schedule of discipline for writing on my book and watercolor painting. By the end of summer, my schedule of writing and painting gets a little off as I try to grab every last minute of all the things I wanted to ‘play’ at during summer. So, here we come Fall…..ready or not!

F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “Life starts all over again when  it gets crisp in the fall.”

What do you love about fall?


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