Yesterday was the first day back at my volunteer job at the school where my grandchildren attend. This is the fourth year I have volunteered there one day a week to provide speech, language and literacy assistance to those students in need.

As I walked the hallway checking out new displays, the above caught my eye:  Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future”  John F. Kennedy.  I will share my reflections of the day from that quote.

As we watch children grow and pass from grade to grade, each year increasing in knowledge, resourcefulness and hopefully confidence, it is truly a pretty amazing event to witness.  They are so young, impressionable, and like blank slates. We as teachers, parents, grandparents, godparents, aunts, uncles, older cousins and family friends have unique opportunities every day as we encounter the children in our lives to help them grow in their resources, skills, and plant the seeds of greatness. They are THE FUTURE! They will make their mark on the events of the world, the environment,  and contribute to society in ways we of this generation have not even considered. Each child, no matter what struggles they may have in the education system, WILL make a unique contribution that only they can make.

So, let’s not let any opportunity pass us by that we might influence, inspire, and support these young students. Talk your talk and walk your walk as a role model for each child on your journey. You never know what words or actions from you that may be exactly what the child needs that will move them forward.

No other quotes needed for today. John F. Kennedy said it well.

Look for opportunities each day to make a difference in a child’s life……..it doesn’t have to be  monumental, just make the difference.


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