Today, Ash Wednesday, marks the beginning of lent for many Christians around the world. It is a season of 40 days for penance, fasting and giving. It is a  time for reflection and searching one’s inner being for faith-based improvement and giving to others.

A few days prior to the beginning of Lent each year,  I find myself in search of to ‘give up and/or to give to’. In my more mature years, I have come to believe that both are very important. Not only do I need to ‘give up certain things, but I also need to give to’.  My give up  this year is about stopping my conversation around specific events in my life.  This conversation really serves no greater purpose in my life or anyone else’s. So, I’m giving up that ‘talk’.

As for ‘giving to’, I am determining what charitable contribution, even though it may be small, might best benefit others in my community. Perhaps, it will be to a shelter in the area or another entity that serves those in need.

As a young person many years ago, it was deemed that ‘giving up’ was best practice  for Lent.   Growth in both my faith and in my life have helped me to understand that ‘giving to’ can be equally as important and looked upon favorably.

Blessings to each of you during this Lenten season.




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